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I want to take the time this week to thank all the students of our new Biblical History Class on Tuesday mornings. So far, this new venture has been a rousing success with the number of students for both classes being around 23 to 25 people. This is such a huge encouragement to me as the teacher.

I also want to take the time to advertise it again for those of you who still might not know about it: every week we take an hour to go through the Bible historically, digging in to the narrative of all these stories that sometimes we take for granted. Everyone seems to get a big kick out of it and I'm sure you would too. If you'd like to join us, you have two opportunities every week at both 10am and 7pm each Tuesday.

Right now we're studying the story of Noah and the Ark. This account is a perfect example of what our new class is all about. People read Genesis 6-8 and think, “How could this possibly be true? There's no way he could have built something that huge without power tools. And besides, he wouldn't have had room for all the animals."

These are the same questions we're going to ask ourselves this Tuesday and not only do I have answers, but the numbers to prove that not only is the flood story possible... It's probable.

The Great Flood really happened. Come on Tuesday and I'll show you how from God's word.

Just something to think about.
"History" (A Message from Jarrod 11/1/2013)
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